About Us

Hakteks Hakkımızda

Grubumuz 50 over the family business of textile activities 1982 As of HAKTEKS industrial production and marketing of technical textiles and the specialization of canvas fabric, specializing in the decision have received about our company 1997 As of beginning production of artificial leather HAKTEKS suni deri olarak faaliyetlerine devam etmektedir.

Emphasis on Research and Development Group has acquired the knowledge and skills with the infrastructure demands of users in the direction of the market by developing products and paylaşmaktadır.Ürünlerini outlines the internal and external to the market with the brand offers MZM.

Our company ISO 9001-2008 quality management certification and our products TSE has a quality certificate.

Our group is woven,direct plating,Transfer coating,empirme,emboss vb. and finishing with the annual R & D units 9.000.000 m2 woven,9.000.000 m2 of PVC-coated polyester canvas,10.000.000 m2 of fabric production capacity of artificial leather apparel operations sahiptir.Ayrıca produced upon request by performing a number of products offers a different service.


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